Integrating Maritime Workplace Safety and Efficiency with an IoT Tracking Platform

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Integrating Maritime Workplace Safety and Efficiency with an IoT Tracking Platform

Tagvance is an Internet of Things (IoT) innovation start-up specialised in developing realistic and reliable location tracking and monitoring solutions to enhance operational efficiency, capacity utilisation and safety of movable assets (workforce and vehicle).

The Journey So Far

The devastating ‘Soma’ mine disaster in 2014 led the Turkish government to introduce a new safety regulation that requires operators to monitor headcounts and real-time locations of miners working underground at all times. As an IT Industrial Engineer with 25 years in telecommunications, Can Kiral saw an opportunity to come up with a tracking system that operates primarily on BlueTooth and LoRa (long range) radio frequencies, ideal for both outdoor and indoor. This led to the birth of Tagvance. Can identified similar issues in the maritime industry and believed that workforce tracking is one of the largest unaddressed issues that could potentially affect operational efficiency and work safety.

As one of the Smart Port Challenge 2018 finalists, Tagvance was able to find their product-market fit through active engagement and networking with maritime corporates, mentors and other industry experts. The S$50,000 grant from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) allowed them to procure equipment and resources to support their pilot projects with PIER71’s corporate partners Jurong Port and Keppel Shipyard. In less than 2 years, they have received wide recognition for their remarkable and innovative solutions, having been awarded twice consecutively by BCA/Enterprise Singapore for their industrial Workforce Tracking Technology. They are now working with MPA to introduce an IoT monitoring system to ensure proper usage of designated buoys for craft mooring.

(Updated August 2020)

Innovation Opportunity

Monitoring moveable assets indoors and in confined spaces is a challenge, particularly in industrial areas where visibility is impeded by obstacles. This lack of transparency can have a negative impact on work safety and operational efficiency, leading to widespread accidents, occupational disease, and under-utilised assets in places like ports, ship building facilities and industrial terminals.


Tagvance’s software identifies, locates and monitors action in high traffic areas through the use of specially programmed tags. This provides the location of people and assets with high precision and in real-time. In addition to positioning data, it can also relay environmental sensor data to give greater visibility of what is happening at the specific location. This allows operators to determine any high-risk equipment and environment, and make decisions that improve safety, efficiency and effectiveness of maritime operations.

Can Kiral

PIER71 is great for founders who want to validate their ideas and find the product-market fit in the maritime industry. We are so thankful for having been given this opportunity to identify the most pervasive problems in the industry by engaging with mentors, industry expertise, etc.

Can Kiral Co-founder

Founded 2017, Singapore

Can Kiral Co-founder
Olivia Chen Co-founder
Hosam Herzallah Co-founder

Key Results

From the pilot project with Jurong Port and Keppel Shipyard, the tracking platform has proven to be reliable in terms of response time and position precision, both indoors and outdoors including semi-confined spaces.

“After the initial promising demo, we decided to prepare the full site to test the tracking of forklifts and light vessels at Jurong Port. The system surprisingly demonstrated to penetrate every corner of our extensive space producing reliable location positioning results within an affordable budget.”

Sam Wei Hoong
Vice-President, Jurong Port

Saving up to S$5.3 million annually for site
Reducing daily manpower and vehicle accountability by 4 hrs per person and 2 hrs per vehicle
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Looking Forward

Tagvance is continuing to look for new opportunities to expand within construction, mining and marine offshore. They have started to integrate game engine and machine learning into their backend to make the best use of real-time positioning & IoT sensor data and provide a 3- dimensional view of the industrial environment.

Shortlisted finalists are enrolled in a two-phase, 12-week programme.

Phase 1: Fit Check - Market Discovery and Validation

Kickstart your journey by diving deep into the heart of your market! In this phase, we'll help you answer the pivotal question: Is there a product-market fit for your solution? Validate your tech, test your assumptions, and find the perfect match for your innovation. A review will be conducted at the end of Phase 1. Only selected participants will advance to Phase 2.

Phase 2: Gap Busters - Navigating New Markets

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