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PIER71TM designs and delivers programmes to uncover opportunities within the maritime industry. Bringing together a community of stakeholders who are keen to digitalise and create the next wave of maritime innovation, these are designed to provide access to markets, demand drivers, technology solution providers, investors and more.

Smart Port Challenge
Smart Port Challenge

Sitting at the core of PIER71TM is the annual Smart Port Challenge. Every year, we work in partnership with maritime corporates to turn their business challenges into innovation opportunities, then gather the best ideas from start-ups around the world and put them through PIER71TM Accelerate, a fast track towards creating a market-ready and viable product/solution.

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PIER71™ Accelerate
PIER71™ Accelerate

The first-of-its-kind in Singapore, PIER71TM Accelerate is a market validation and customer discovery programme backed by world-class entrepreneurship education from NUS Enterprise and specifically curated for the maritime industry. Typically a six-week programme exclusively for Smart Port Challenge finalists, workshops and masterclass sessions are conducted by industry veterans and domain experts. Start-ups are paired with a mentor and get connected to maritime corporates, investors, venture capitalists, serial entrepreneurs, as well as PIER71TM ’s networks of resources.

PIER71™ Ascend
PIER71™ Ascend

PIER71™ Ascend is a 12-month, by-invite only scale-up programme, with curated masterclasses, industry networking sessions, and an immersion programme aimed at connecting start-ups to overseas markets and government stakeholders, as well as prospective maritime customers. Promising scale-ups can also apply for grant support of up to S$100,000 to scale their solutions, under MPA’s MINT-STARTUP scheme.

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    Learning Events

    While PIER71TM Accelerate is exclusive to Smart Port Challenge finalists, there are plenty of other events and activities that are open to the wider community, including the PIER71TM Explore series. Visit our News & Events page regularly to find out what’s happening or join our mailing list and be the first to know.

      Network of Resources


      Partnerships with Venture Capital (VC) and Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) arms for funding

      corporates for market access

      Partnerships with maritime corporates for test-bedding and product validation

      testing and validation

      Access to maritime testing facilities and environments


      Access to wider NUS network for entrepreneurial education, technology and talent

      Landing Pad Programme

      Immerse in a vibrant community that has seen the genesis of thousands of start-ups. Be in close proximity to like-minded entrepreneurs and innovation enablers. Meet and interact with potential collaborators, customers and investors.

      If you are a tech start-up with an ambition to reimagine the maritime industry, PIER71™ welcomes you to apply for our Landing Pad Programme. This is a sponsored residency with access to our facilities, network of resources, business services such as legal and accounting, a mentor-in-residence and specially curated events.

      Enter Landing Pad

      Shortlisted finalists are enrolled in a two-phase, 12-week programme.

      Phase 1: Fit Check - Market Discovery and Validation

      Kickstart your journey by diving deep into the heart of your market! In this phase, we'll help you answer the pivotal question: Is there a product-market fit for your solution? Validate your tech, test your assumptions, and find the perfect match for your innovation. A review will be conducted at the end of Phase 1. Only selected participants will advance to Phase 2.

      Phase 2: Gap Busters - Navigating New Markets

      Now, it's time to bridge the commercial gap. In this phase, you’ll partner with industry veterans who bring sharp business insights to the table. Together, you’ll navigate and conquer markets that may be uncharted territory for your startup.

      Although the programme is designed for remote and overseas participants, in-person participation is required for the following events conducted in Singapore: