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Transforming Carbon: How Can We Best Utilise Carbon as a High-Value Waste Stream?

Key Focus Area:

Green Technology & Decarbonisation

For too long, carbon dioxide has been perceived as a waste product, with detrimental effects on the planet. However, with the increasing urgency to reduce carbon emissions, it is imperative to shift our perception and explore how carbon dioxide can be harnessed as a high-value waste stream. By unlocking the potential of the carbon value chain, we can create new opportunities for sustainable and innovative solutions, leading us towards a more resilient future.

Desired Outcome
Solution spaces encompass all products that utilize carbon as a raw material. Successful solutions must be suited to Singapore’s available resources and economic model.
Successful solutions should:
– Generate high value uses without massive carbon imports
– Overcome any concerns with quality, purity, or sufficient and consistent supply
– Be aligned with ship workflows and infrastructure

Your Journey to Smart Port Challenge Finals.
Start-ups submit their proposals to the innovation opportunities available.
The proposals go through a rigorous evaluation by a panel of maritime, technology and entrepreneurial experts.
Shortlisted finalists will be invited to enroll into PIER71TM Accelerate, an exclusive six-week market validation and customer discovery programme backed by world-class entrepreneurship education from NUS Enterprise and specifically curated for the maritime industry.
This culminates in the Grand Final where top teams get the opportunity to pitch in front of judges, corporates, investors and the maritime community to secure the top prizes of the Challenge.

Call for Proposals for this Innovation Opportunity is now closed.