Nexxiot – Digital Intermodal Enabler

15 Dec, 2020

The maritime industry’s success in digital transformation hinges on collecting unique data from assets and combining this with powerful algorithms to create automated business processes. Nexxiot CEO, Stefan Kalmund is driving the business to constantly deliver valuable innovations to the market. With research heritage in ultra-low power embedded hardware, energy harvesting, complex systems and analytics, Nexxiot’s team is already running one of the world’s largest supply chain IoT device fleets with over 100K rail and intermodal smart assets currently deployed. Now maritime carriers and intermodal participants are entering advanced evaluations creating IP around the best opportunities and assessing the technology to realise these plans.

With short sea shipping lines equipping their entire fleets, it will be just a matter of time until the deep sea carriers follow suit. Nexxiot’s solutions include zero-maintenance sensors and gateways along with Big Data capabilities to create the business value. Nexxiot’s objective is to benefit their clients by providing actionable information and to simultaneously reduce global emissions and create positive social impact through safety and trade security. Visibility, efficiency and predictive capabilities are all key drivers for data driven organisations which seek improved reliability, trust, accountability and elasticity.

The hardware is essential to gather the data but the real value is created in the Nexxiot Intelligent Cloud. This is a web-based, intermodal fleet management software tool that enables data-driven decisions to be made. It’s possible to receive, store and process data, based on a client’s specific needs – whether that’s designing customised events and triggers, route processing or mileage and shock analysis. Nexxiot processes millions of data points every day, then presents it in easy to access Business Intelligence (BI) reporting tools or through standard APIs for the convenience of asset owners and other participants in the maritime value chain.