Maritime Decarbonisation

30 Jul, 2020

The deadline for Smart Port Challenge 2020 submission is just around the corner and today, we have concluded our roadshows with Ecolabs addressing the innovation opportunity on Maritime Decarbonisation.


Dr Aravind Muthiah from Ecolabs kicked off his sharing with a brief background, mainly around capability building, testbeds, demand driven co-innovation and providing support in business commercials. 


Moving on, he talked about supporting the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) goal of a 50% emission reduction in the next 20 years, and the 4 focus areas Ecolabs are particularly interested in.

  1. Port Electrification
  2. Energy Efficiency and Carbon Capture
  3. Zero Emission Vessels/ Fuel Switch
  4. Circular Economy


The start-ups they are looking for:

  1. Seed to Series A stage
  2. Those with demonstrable prototypes and operational technologies
  3. Those with significant technology and business-model innovation component
  4. Do not have to be strictly from maritime sector


On top of that, Ecolabs can support the selected start-ups in the following ways:

  1. R&D Manpower
  2. Labs/ Equipment Infrastructure
  3. Funding & Government Grants
  4. Testbed Infrastructure
  5. Business Readiness Sessions
  6. Up to S$150k support


Re-watch the recording here if you’ve missed it.


If you have any doubts, do reach out to us via our social media channels or e-mail, .




Lastly, don’t forget to submit the Smart Port Challenge 2020 proposal template (download here!) and your company’s pitching deck by 10 August 2020 here!


As a reminder, in addition to the 17 innovation opportunities, start-ups with innovative solutions in areas such as smart port, smart ship and green technology are welcome to submit their proposals under the open category.