Automation of Underwater Propeller Polishing and Removal of Thick Marine Growth on Hulls/ Jetty Piles

09 Jul, 2020

With just 4 weeks left to the deadline of Smart Port Challenge 2020, we continue to assist start-ups every week by inviting maritime corporates and investors to share their insights and experiences. 


For this week’s roadshow (9 July), Haymond Sinapius, Investment Manager of INNOPORT and Albert Kyaw, Technical Superintendent at Bernhard Schulte shared their experience and requirements on the innovation opportunity, ‘Automation of Underwater Propeller Polishing and Removal of Thick Marine Growth on Hulls/ Jetty Piles’


They gave us, in a nutshell, an introduction on how underwater propeller polishing is currently done – with the deployment of human divers and the use of hydraulic propeller polisher or brush kart. 


They touched on the limitations with the current autonomous solutions and emphasised a few key requirements in terms of what they are looking: 

  1. No divers required
  2. Ease of operation and usage
  3. Ability to reach curved areas
  4. Enhanced cleaning efficiency 
  5. Reduction in cleaning duration 


Together with Bernhard Schulte, the selected start-up will be provided with 

  1. Essential industrial knowledge and expertise 
  2. An extensive network
  3. Assistance and support during development 
  4. Realistic test bedding


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