Automated Discrepancy Resolution for Terminal Documentation and Risks of Personnel Transfer during Bunker Survey

03 Jul, 2020

For our first roadshow in July, we had PSA and Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) address 2 different innovation opportunities for this year’s Smart Port Challenge. 


The sharing session started with Sriram and Kelvin Lim providing an overview of PORTNET® and moving on to address the need for Automated Discrepancy Resolution for Terminal Documentation, put forth by PSA unboXed.


PSA Singapore operates the world’s largest container transhipment hub in Singapore. With connections to 600 ports globally, shippers have access to daily sailings to every major port in the world, operating 24/7 all year round. Terminal planning and operations hinges largely on data exchanges with Customers via PORTNET. Accuracy of the terminal documentation is critical for efficient planning. Currently, information discrepancies do occur across the various documents submitted by different parties. The manual resolution of these discrepancies remains tedious and time-consuming.


As such, PORTNET® is seeking machine learning solutions to automate the decision-making process to resolve the discrepancies efficiently and effectively. The solution can be hosted/integrated with PORTNET. The start-up selected to work with the PORTNET team will be provided with the bank of data to model and test their solution.


Next, Dr Khorshed Alam from Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) shared his insights on the Risks of Personnel Transfer during Bunker Survey. He explained the requirement for bunker surveyors to provide independent assessments on the quantity and quality of the bunker fuel delivered to vessels, the risks of getting on and off vessels, as well as the current restrictions for boarding vessels given the COVID-19 situation. 


SSA is looking for an innovative and well-rounded solution that can address the requirement to verify the quantity and quality of the bunker delivered, without the need for a bunker surveyor to be physically present. In order to provide a reliable and accurate way of measuring the quantity of the bunker delivered, the solution should take into account possible discrepancies such as manipulation of the mass flow metre reading. For testing of the quality, the collected bunker sample should be representative of the entire bunkering operation.


See you next Thursday, 9 July at 4.30pm (Singapore time) for insights from @Bernhard Schulte on Automation of Underwater Propeller Polishing and Removal of Thick Marine Growth on Hulls/ Jetty Piles.

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For start-ups looking into the innovation opportunity on Automatic Quantification of Oil Slicks from Videos/ Images by Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL), we will be running an Ask Me Anything Session on our social media channels on Thursday 9 July as well. 

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