Accurate Identification and Location Feedback for Container Fitting and Auto Refuelling System for Prime Movers

26 Jun, 2020

For the month of July, join our maritime corporates partners as they continue to dive deep and highlight key ideas on their challenges during the Smart Port Challenge 2020 roadshow happening every Thursday, 4 pm to 5 pm (SGT).


For our last roadshow in June, 25 June 2020, we had PSA Singapore share their thoughts on 2 of their innovation opportunities.


In the first half of the session, Bertrand Yee and Calvin Teo from the Engineering Division shared some background and insights on their need for an Auto Refuelling System for Prime Movers. They are seeking for automated solutions for their existing diesel and LNG kiosks and have highlighted 4 key requirements:

  1. Goal – The autonomous prime movers need to interact with the refuelling system
  2. Implementation – Minimal modifications to the existing infrastructure and fuelling equipment, integrate easily with the current diesel kiosk management system and adaptive to different configurations on the prime movers
  3. Safety Consideration – Adhere to safety and industry standards, and cater for exception handling to mitigate risks
  4. Performance Measure – To be as time efficient as with manual refueling and be able to address exception handling


Moving on, Chua Leng Wah, from the same division, joined Calvin to highlight key points to be noted for the innovation opportunity on Accurate Identification and Location Feedback for Container Fitting. The objective of the challenge is to look for a robust visual solution with machine learning or AI to provide position feedback of the corner casting or container fitting and identify the make and model of the container fitting accurately to enable automation of coning and de-coning wit high success rate. The key challenges include the large variety of container fittings, limited reference point for the container fitting identification as part of it is concealed in the corner casting, and ability to work in harsh environments such as exposure to strong sunlight, rain, dust and dim lighting environment during night time.


Deadline of submission is 10 August 2020. 


Join us next Thursday, 2 July, where we will be addressing:

(1) Automated discrepancy Resolution for Terminal Documentation by PSA UnboXed

(2) Risks of Personnel Transfer during Bunker Survey by Singapore Shipping Association (SSA)


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