Technology Area(s) : Artificial intelligence, Data analytics, Big data, IoT, Software as a Service (SaaS), Telecom

WeavAir was founded by Natalia Mykhaylova, who spent a decade in safety management using the latest technologies in sensors and data systems.

Shipping Insurance premiums totalled over US$30B in 2020, representing an annual increase of 6%. Much of this was due to the opaqueness in dealing with safety incidents, reporting and claims recoveries.

WeavAir solves these issues by

  • monitoring, aggregation and standardization of ship data.
  • aggregation of risk assessment data across ship owners, managers and insurers from a range of sources including sensors, operation procedures, loss prevention reports and insurance claims.
  • providing a comprehensive risk analysis and decision support systems

WeavAir helps the industry assess risks more accurately and simplifies the claims management processes for all parties.


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Founded : 2017

Location : Canada