Vilota Pte Ltd


Technology Area(s) : Artificial intelligence, Big data, Data analytics, IoT, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Robotics, Remote Smart Monitoring

Vilota specialises in 3D vision-based sensing for autonomous robots and Industry 4.0. Our sensor hardware (Omnisense™) & sensor fusion-based perception middleware API (Perceptive Kernel™) comes with edge compute capability with an AI chip embedded. This allows for swift onboard processing, delivering required data in real-time. It is also highly versatile, allowing for easy installation.

Aruvii’s SaaS platform Prognotron™ enables manufacturing industries to digitalize, analyze and optimize manufacturing processes and critical assets. Prognotron™’s Industrial AI engine enables industries to build and deploy vision and asset analytics AI applications faster, drastically reducing the conceptualization to solution deployment timeline from few months to just few weeks.

Our joint product is a tight integration of these two technology stacks: 3D vision on edge + AI vision analytics (over the cloud preferably). Our products are offering higher recognition accuracy than conventional 2D computer vision, and extensible to support higher-level autonomy towards unmanned port transportation process.

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Founded : 2021

Location : Singapore

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+65 93883035

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Jul 2021

Investors : Convertible Note from NUS GIPL