Valqari LLC


Technology Area(s) : Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Big data, Data analytics, IoT, MedTech, Robotics, Software as a Service (SaaS), Supply chain and logistics, Telecom

Valqari provides a unique solution to the pain points of drone deliveries. We don’t build drones- we enable them to solve the “last mile” problem while we address the “last inch of the last mile” problem with a patented Delivery Station that makes deliveries:

● SAFE and SECURE – Two-way, automated no-touch delivery, with no need to touch the drone; Theft-proof & weatherproof – and the payload can be kept safe cool until the authorised recipient comes and collects it.

● SMART – with full digital chain of custody, Intelligent and IoT enabling 5G network extensions connected to Valqari’s Digital Platform (VDP) with customer friendly mobile apps.

We are a young company (TRL 7/8), with patents around the globe, and potential in every drone delivery market.

We look forward to working with partners within the drone ecosystem, from users and customers to operators and academic/government stakeholders.


Elevator Pitch

Company Info

Founded : 2017

Location : USA