Tow-botic Systems

Tow-botic Systems

Technology Area(s) : Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Supply chain and logistics

Tow-botic Systems has developed a patented technology to use autonomous underwater thrusters for precise ship navigation in constrained spaces. The Towbots attach directly to the ship’s hull, controlled from the bridge by the Master / Pilot using a handheld device, or autonomously maneuver the ship to the desired wharf. This technology improves safety, reduces port emissions and also lowers operating costs. Our easy to install portable thrusters for dynamic positioning of barges, pontoons, jack-ups, transhippers and shuttle vessels, convert a vessel at very short notice for offshore support and marine construction activities. The portable thrusters are able to reach to the keel of any vessel, irrespective of deep draft or high freeboard. Capital cost is reduced by having thruster equipment that can be quickly interchanged between vessels. We are also developing energy efficient underwater magnets for subsea attaching and lifting operations. These specially designed permanent magnet arrays require no energy when attached.

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Founded : 2017

Location : Netherlands

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Capt Gary Vaz

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Jun 2017

Investors : Port of Amsterdam