Technology Area(s) : Artificial intelligence, IoT

Senquire™’s EaglAI Platform has a ready software that can detect objects of varied colours and classify them separately, through a video stream that is already present. EaglAI can interface easily with a wide range of cameras (industrial, CCTV, Infrared, thermal etc.), run high speed inferences on the incoming streams, and communicate detections / decisions over to PLCs, other machine to machine communication devices and via email / SMS / Phone calls. Except for the latter communication aspect, the entire detection apparatus (including the software, AI models and hardware) are all present in a small form factor Edge computing device, which can be placed either on ship or shore, and has the capability to work completely offline, i.e. without an internet connection.

Company Info

Founded : 2017

Location : Singapore

Funding Info

Pre-Series A