SeaVantage Ltd.


Technology Area : Artificial intelligence, Big data, Data analytics, Software as a Service (SaaS), Supply chain and logistics

SeaVantage provides an innovative maritime data platform for solving social problems caused by uncertain ship arrival time, with a highly reliable forecasting algorithm based on maritime big data . 

Uncertain ship arrival times cause social problems, such as wasting time, money and opportunity costs for members of the supply chain. And the cost incurred by this is reflected in the price of goods, and the damage is passed on to the general consumer. 

SeaVantage suggests PTA, Predicted Time of Arrival. PTA is a solution that predicts the highly reliable arrival time of a ship. Algorithms based on various marine big data and AI analysis are reflected, and the result value is renewed based on real-time data. 

Customers can feel high reliability through probabilistic results proposed.

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