Rux Energy

Rux Energy

Technology Area(s) : CleanTech, Supply chain and logistics

Rux Energy is an Australian advanced materials startup aiming to double the volumetric efficiency and halve the cost of dispatchable hydrogen storage for bulk distribution, refuelling, heavy mobility and aviation. Our goal is to be directly responsible for 50 million tonnes of CO2 abatement, each year, every year, by 2030.

Rux sees value as more than just revenue. It’s in the tonnes of carbon abatement we facilitate, and the robust new ecosystems we’re creating to allow regions to deliver their net zero targets safely, efficiently, at the lowest cost, and using existing infrastructure.

We are focusing on the hardest to abate industries to have the maximum impact on carbon emissions, and we are working collaboratively with government, industry, universities and end-users to ensure the world walks hand in hand across the net zero finish line.

Company Info

Founded : 2018

Location : Australia

Funding Info

Series A