Nido Robotics

Nido Robotics

Technology Area : Artificial intelligence, Data analytics, Robotics, Others

One ship, one underwater robot. That is our vision. We are empowering shipowners to take control of the conditions of the underwater part of their ship, by deploying easy-to-use underwater robots permanently onboard the ship, as a service. Having 24/7 access to our technology allows them to get a better understanding of the condition of their hull, both on an ongoing basis and when an emergency arises, regardless of where they are in the world.  

And for those who are not yet ready to make the transition, we offer an easy solution for efficient and affordable underwater inspections in some of the major ports including Singapore and the Mediterranean ports of Spain. It’s as easy as ordering a Grab. 

Our solution is composed of a cyber-physical system that includes robotics, autonomous navigation, and a reporting platform that allows the management team to not only see the condition of the vessel at any given time but also has all the history and predictions of when is the best time to make interventions.