Technology Area(s) : Big data, Data analytics, IoT, Software as a Service (SaaS), Telecom

Navigandi Orbis is a high precision Portable Pilot Unit (PPU) capable of measuring both the vertical and horizontal movements of the maneuvered vessel in real-time. This information is sent to the Navigandi Pilot which is a navigation software that shows all the relevant navigation information for the maritime pilot including: distance to the obstacles; bathymetric overlays; berthing speed, optimal navigation routes and so on. Aimed with this technology, the conscientious awareness of the maritime pilot is enhanced during the maneuver, increasing the navigation safety. In addition, the navigation data generated may also be stored in the cloud and made available for the port authorities or exchanged with tugboats. Such information is valuable for maneuvering risk assessments; dredging intelligence; draft improvements and so on.

Company Info

Founded : 2019

Location : Brazil

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Pre-Series A