Technology Area(s) : Artificial intelligence

NautiSense has developed the concept and prototype of iBot™ a maritime conversational bot that can automate digital tasks as well as provide recommendations to decision makers upon being asked based on any particular scenario. The iBot sits on top of a Maritime Large Language Model (MLLM) that is being built by the company which is a repository of diverse datasets from vessels, ports, flag states, class and other sources of key maritime data.

Real-time data from the port such as loading and unloading progress of berths, estimated berth availabilities, estimated loading and unloading times for fixed arrivals and departures of vessels, etc. would be ingested into the MLLM using port-side APIs. Vessel data such as its route, current and historic voyage speed, fuel consumption correlated with the speed, emissions correlated with the speed, engine condition, generator condition, and other key vessel performance indicators will also be ingested for participating vessels either through APIs or data entry by the captain or chief engineer. The two sets of data will be analysed by the iBot as an automated or triggered process to match vessel arrival with berth availability.

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Location : Singapore

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