Technology Area(s) : IoT

MeasureAI makes novel, low-cost, reusable and highly sensitive real-time gas sensors. We use a patented a novel method of making various unique of gas sensors. Our sensors are non-specific and the gases or gas mixtures are identified and quantified based the unique changes in the electrical properties of an array of sensors upon gas exposure. Hence our sensors can detect and quantify vast spectrum of gases and gas mixtures. MeasureAI is a spin off company from NUS and incorporated in March 2023. We were incubated under NUS GRIP and successfully graduated, securing an investment of SGD 100K. We got validated by the expert GAP panel and secured SGD 200K as grant. We have market validated our solution for quality assessment of flavour and fragrance manufactures for which we received a letter of intent, grading of Manuka Honey based on the MGO (Methyl Glyoxal) levels and real-time monitoring of the critical hospital environments.

Company Info

Founded : 2023

Location : Singapore

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