Marine Digital GmbH

Marine Digital

Technology Area(s) : Supply chain and logistics, Software as a Service (SaaS), Data analytics, Artificial intelligence, CleanTech

We develop advanced energy efficiency analytics and optimisation tools for the maritime supply chain. Accumulating one of the most complex data sets in the industry and applying digital twin technology powered with AI algorithms we are able to provide the most accurate analytics to identify bottlenecks of the maritime logistics and optimise them reducing fuel costs and emissions.

Elevator Pitch

Company Info

Founded : 2020

Location : Germany

Funding Info


Apr 2020

Investors : VC and angels

Amount : 1450,000 EUR


Mar 2021

Investors :,

Amount : 450,000 EUR


Apr 2022

Investors : Mark Zelman + Max Paukovs (Angel UK + Angel LV)

Amount : 150,000 EUR