Technology Area(s) : Software as a Service (SaaS)

Logipeace is an innovative solution start-up based in Singapore, dedicated to the complex challenges faced by port operators in the maritime industry. Our flagship platform, Shipeace, is designed to streamline communication and maximize productivity within maritime port operations.

Port operators struggle with the fragmentation of real-time operational updates sharing across multiple platforms, leading to inefficiencies and operational delays. Shipeace offers a tailored web platform that addresses these issues head-on.

Shipeace serves as a standardized, unified, and user-friendly communication solution that connects all stakeholders involved in port operations, whether internal or external. By eliminating the confusion of multiple communication methods, it ensures that critical information is accessible and visualized in real-time on any device.

In addition to sophisticated functionality, it accumulates the best data for future AI applications that reduce training costs and time etc.

Logipeace empowers port operators to work smoothly, enhancing productivity, and building a collaborative Smart Port community.

Company Info

Founded : 2022

Location : Singapore

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