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FUELSAVE GmbH is an efficiency enhancement and cleantech company from Germany, which has developed a patented, field & lab proven HW retrofit solution, helping operators of combustion engines to reduce primary fuel consumption, achieve real NET OPEX savings, increase profitability while at the same time significantly reducing emissions & air pollution.

In average it offers 10% NET OPEX savings, taking a full energy balance into account, while reducing around 10% Co2, 40% PM, 33% BC, 50% NOX.

The patented & awarded technology features dynamic, load-based gaseous & liquid injection mechanisms of hydrogen, oxygen, water & methanol into 3 different locations of the air intake in different combinations, leading to a leaner & cleaner combustion at an optimised stochiometric mix and enabling advanced combustion conditioning using renewable clean fuels.

FUELSAVE is funded by the EU and signed end of 2019 the first 5 Million Euro contract, equipping 93MW on 6 ships.

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Founded : 2012

Location : Germany