Technology Area(s) : Artificial intelligence, Big data, IoT, Data analytics

eyeGauge is a Marine-Tech start-up, that help customers such as shipowners, ship operators and ship management companies to lower emissions by optimising vessel performance and fuel consumption, prevent unexpected break downs, reduce maintenance costs and help to ensure that fleet is meeting the regulatory emission requirement. eyeGauge proposes a simple and cost-efficient ship digitalization solution, compatible with equipment of any type, age, and manufacturer. This “Turnkey Digital Twin” solution collects high-frequency and high-quality data from all analogue and digital onboard machinery and equipment in a contactless, non-invasive way, even if data interfaces are locked by the manufacturers. The collected data is then transmitted to the shore or the Cloud, where is stored, analysed, visualised, and combined with other sources of data for decision making in maritime fleet optimisation.

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Founded : 2020

Location : France

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Anton Zakharov


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