Technology Area(s) : IoT, Software as a Service (SaaS)

Everimpact is a leader in measuring greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions directly at the source. Founded by three former United Nations leaders with expertise in climate change, satellite imagery, and climate finance, the company has developed cutting-edge technology to monitor GHG emissions.

This technology, originally designed for cities, combines satellite images and measurements, IoT sensors, and AI. This powerful blend allows accurate measurement of GHG emissions and dynamics from urban areas, transportation, and nature, helping businesses understand their environmental impact.

Everimpact’s real-time tracking of GHG emissions ensures trustworthy carbon footprint reporting and empowers businesses to evaluate the effectiveness of their decarbonization efforts. This data-driven approach also opens doors to climate finance, attracting investments for sustainable projects.

Company Info

Founded : 2015

Location : France

Funding Info

Pre-Series A