ENT Vision Pte Ltd

Ent-Vision Pte Ltd

Technology Area : Artificial intelligence, Big data, Data analytics, IoT, Software as a Service (SaaS)

The maritime ship supply chain faces various challenges from ship supplies order processing to port delivery logistics due to narrow loading window at port and unpredictable ship arrival schedule change.
Ent-Vision Maritime Sales Automation Platform offers an end-to-end automated solution for Ship Suppliers from Customer Request for Quotation (RFQ) to Optimised Delivery. RFQs received are automatically cleansed and standardised. Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Data Modelling technologies are used to auto-map products available for quick quotations. While generating sales orders, logistic resources are coordinated for cost-effective and timely delivery.

ENT Vision Integrated Maritime Supplies Distribution Platform (iMSD) is a collaborative Distribution platform for Ship Suppliers Community to optimise ship supplies logistics resources. The platform enables logistic resource sharing within the chandler’s community with holistic view of port related activities, helping ship suppliers to improve delivery planning, reduce truck idling and waiting time. Offsite consolidation service provides further cost savings and reduce traffic congestion within and near port area.