EcoWorth Tech Pte. Ltd.

EcoWorth Tech

Technology Area(s) : CleanTech

EcoWorth Tech is a Singaporean CleanTech Company in the water remediation and waste management space. The company is addressing the inefficiencies in the current treatment of oily water, and the environment impact resulting from this process. EcoWorth Tech has developed a technology called CFA (Carbon Fibre Aerogel) – an environmentally-friendly super-absorbent sponge material that is natural and capable of removing up to 99% of liquid organics – like oils and grease – from water. The technology integrates seamlessly into the existing water remediation processes and can not only generate cost savings for maritime industry, but also enable the reliable safe discharge of treated wastewater into the ocean.

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Founded : 2016

Location : Singapore

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Andre Stolz

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Pre-Series A



Amount : 1,000,000 SGD