Dravam Pte Ltd

Dravam Pte Ltd

Technology Area(s) : Artificial intelligence, Data analytics, IoT, Software as a Service (SaaS)

Dravam Pte Ltd is a fluid Software and IoT company developing and deploying quality monitoring solutions in the maritime sector. The solutions are aimed at augmenting operational efficiency whilst providing transparency specifically towards the bunkering and usage of marine fuels. Dravam utilises their patented scanning method to monitor fuel composition & to further predict presence of contaminants during the flow in pipelines. Having deployed their solution on a bunker tanker in Singapore, with the support of both MPA and class, Dravam has been providing quality monitoring for both loading and unloading operations. Dravam is the winner of PIER71™’s SPC2019. Currently Dravam is piloting solutions for the receiving vessels, aimed at supporting condition monitoring with fuel quality scanning to assist vessel efficiency improvements.

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Founded : 2020

Location : Singapore

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Dr.Vivek Premanadhan


+65 69662466

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