Technology Area(s) : CleanTech

CRecTech is a technology startup that develops and manufactures biogas/methane reforming catalysts used by sustainable chemicals and fuel production industries. Biogas is a renewable bio-resource of methane with CO2 as main impurity (> 30% by volume). Conventional reforming catalyst deactivates when exposed to CO2, necessitating additional biogas upgrading step for CO2 removal/capture, which contributes to increased expenses. CRecTech developed a novel catalyst coating for biogas reforming that greatly enhances its resistance against carbon and CO2 poisoning, and is capable of breaking down and utilizing CO2 in biogas. This breakthrough enables a revolutionary one-step biogas reforming process, converting CO2-rich biogas into low-carbon hydrogen and syngas for green methanol in a subsequent process. The concise process, developed by CRecTech which converts both greenhouse gases (CO2 and CH4) in biogas to green methanol, is considered as the most sustainable way of mass-producing green methanol to cope with the increasing methanol fuel demand.

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Founded : 2022

Location : Singapore

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