Technology Area(s) : Artificial intelligence, Big data, CleanTech, Data analytics, FinTech, Software as a Service (SaaS), Supply chain and logistics

BetterSea is pioneering the way forward in maritime decarbonisation compliance with its holistic platform tailored for ship owners and operators. Expertly navigating through key regulations: CII, EU ETS, and FuelEU, our platform offers a comprehensive roadmap to tackle these complex requirements. Enhanced with advanced real-time analytics, BetterSea delivers immediate insights into each vessel’s environmental stance. Our recommendation engine then tailors precise solutions, ensuring vessels not only achieve but surpass their sustainability benchmarks. Our integrated emission trading capabilities further empower ships to sail cleaner and with greater profitability. But BetterSea’s mission goes beyond mere compliance. We are passionate about shaping a greener maritime horizon. By marrying cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices, we’re not just setting a course; we’re redefining the maritime industry’s future. Join BetterSea and embark on a journey towards sustainability, profitability, and uncompromised compliance.

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Location : Denmark

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