Aeras Medical

Aeras Medical

Technology Area(s) : IoT, MedTech, Software as a Service (SaaS), Others

Aeras Medical is a pioneer in the Medical IoT space providing both the technology and service for the local community suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Our SmartRM™ application provides not only telemedicine but also connectivity to multiple brands of medical grade devices for real time vital signs input and long term monitoring, Point-of-Care diagnostic tests, and a non-drug technology solution for mental health. By integrating to our latest innovation in drug dispensing technology SmartRX™, now you can have full visibility and control of your medicine, allowing remote dispensing during teleconsultation or real-time inventory management for re-stocking and updates for regulatory compliance. From being a top 10 winner in the 2018 PIER71™ Smart Port Challenge to being awarded by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore for the 2021 “Joint Industry Project on Vital Signs Monitoring and Tele-consultation for Seafarers”, our maritime track records and deep healthcare experience will help your crew face the daily challenges brought by the pandemic and crisis like the Ukraine war. Now you can provide the care for your crew anytime and wherever they sailing in the world, with the experience just like they are on land.

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Founded : 2010

Location : Singapore

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