Streamlining Last Mile Delivery through a Maritime Logistics Sharing Platform

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Streamlining Last Mile Delivery through a Maritime Logistics Sharing Platform

Shipp (previously Ship Supplies Direct) is a start-up focused on using technology to improve marine logistics and supply chain. Its Maritime Logistics Sharing Platform, SimpFleet, helps reduce delivery costs by 20 – 30% and waiting time by up to 60%.

The Journey So Far

With 10 years of working in offshore and marine, oil and gas, as well as running his own businesses, Eric Chean is no stranger to the maritime industry. His interactions from his first two start-ups (a ship-broking business and a digital marketplace for ships) led him to the realisation that he could channel his interest in digitalisation towards optimising the maritime supplies space. This was how Ship Supplies Direct (SSD) was founded. When PIER71 launched Smart Port Challenge in 2018, one of the innovation opportunities matched very closely with the problem that SSD was aiming to solve. As the company did not have a full-fledged solution at that time, Smart Port Challenge offered SSD the ideal platform for getting a deeper understanding of the problem and getting market validation. As one of the selected finalists, SSD also received a S$50,000 grant from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA). This allowed them to fully develop their application and embark on a pilot project with PIER71’s corporate partners including PSA International, Wilhelmsen and Wärtsilä post Smart Port Challenge. More than a year later, they are continuing to make steady progress by focussing on quality and delivering tangible value to customers. PSA unboXed, the external innovation and corporate venture capital arm of PSA International, has also invested in Shipp as a result.

(updated March 2020)

Innovation Opportunity

Manned hauliers / ship chandler vehicles enter and exit ports to drop off and collect ship supplies on a daily basis. The silo nature of these jobs, coupled with minimal effort to consolidate trips, leads to inefficiency in operations; idle waiting time as well as unnecessary congestion around the ports. PSA International was seeking solutions for effective order fulfilment while optimising assets.


Shipp’s SimpFleet is a maritime logistics sharing platform that targets deliveries into ports, for loading onto ships. Serving multiple stakeholders, SimpFleet allows suppliers and chandlers a way to fulfil small orders by using the platform to arrange for pick-up and loading onto ships. By consolidating deliveries across different suppliers and coordinating with the port, Shipp reduces the number of trucks, amount of congestion as well as waiting times within the port. Port operators also gain better visibility of the locations and lengths of stay of delivery trucks.

Eric Chean

PIER71 provides a platform for start-ups to work and engage with maritime corporates. It opens up an honest conversation, allowing us to build relationships and think deeper about real challenges.

Eric Chean CEO & Co-founder

Founded 2018, Singapore

Eric Chean CEO & Co-founder
Chin Rui Chew CTO & Co-founder

Key Results

In addition to solving the problems of multiple parties with a single app, SimpFleet has also shown tangible results as part of the pilot project with PSA International. All this even before the solution has reached maturity levels.

up to 30% reduction in delivery costs
up to 3 hours less waiting time per delivery
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Looking Forward

By moving up the value chain to include warehousing and customs clearance, Shipp is becoming more like a digital freight forwarder for marine supplies industry. As they continue to refine their platform, Shipp plans to raise a seed round of S$1 million in order to grow their capacity and warehouse space, as well as extend their presence to support clients outside of Singapore, particularly in Korea, Dubai and Europe.