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How might we more effectively validate delivery of ship supplies for greater efficiency in ports?

Key Focus Area:

Smart Maritime Services and Logistics

Wilhelmsen Ships Service supplies consumable and agency services to 2,200 ports worldwide, and touch around 50% of the ships worldwide. The completion of a ship supplies delivery involves a number of documents including acknowledgment of receipt and other formalities like tax reclamation and customs clearance. The challenge of obtaining signatories for these paper-based documents fall on the ship suppliers who often rely on their last mile delivery vendors. Seeing the responsibility of obtaining and returning signatories to the ship supplier as an additional responsibility, last mile delivery vendors are less than receptive of this task. This lack of accountability results in manpower and administrative costs of following up and tracking paperwork, causing a huge strain on efficiency and unnecessary congestion and delays in ports. Failure to obtain proof of delivery can also lead to ship suppliers passing the cost of goods and services taxes (GST) onto their customers or bearing it themselves.

Wilhelmsen Ships Service is looking for a digital solution that can provide a seamless, secure and traceable way to validate the successful delivery of goods. The solution should consider the receptiveness of all stakeholders including ship suppliers, ship agents, last mile delivery vendors, vessel managers, captain and crew, as well as tax and customs authorities.

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