How might we accurately identify and detect the features of a shipping container, to enable successful landing of a spreader from great heights?

Key Focus Area:

Smart Port

Quay cranes are used at container terminals for loading and unloading of cargo at the berth. Over the years, the height of quay cranes has more than doubled, from a 25m Panamax crane to the latest 54m quay crane at Tuas Terminal. There is also an increased industry interest to explore the use of a 60m quay crane.

The main role of a quay crane operator is to manoeuvre and land the spreader onto a container, then secure it at four locking points known as corner castings.  From a height of 60m, it is nearly impossible for a human operator to land the spreader onto the container without any technology assistance.

PSA and PSA unboXed are looking for a solution that will identify and detect the corner castings of a shipping container with an accuracy of 5cm, which is the maximum tolerable limit to accurately land a spreader twistlock pin into the corner castings of a container, from a height of at least 60m. The solution should provide the quay crane operators with visibility and guidance to move and stack the containers atop of each other on the vessel with a gap of no more than 10cm between the stacks of containers.

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