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How might we endorse accurate pallet declarations so as to improve loading of ship supplies onto lighter boats?

Key Focus Area:

Smart Port

Besides having a main terminal for loading and unloading of multiple cargoes, Jurong Port also operates two Lighter Terminals for lighter boats to deliver ship supplies to ships calling at Singapore. These supplies are generally delivered in pallets by ship chandlers. In order to assign an appropriate crane for lifting the pallets onto the lighter boats, Jurong Port requires accurate information on the pallet count and volumetric weight.

With accuracy in pallet declarations, manual system updates at the port gantry and potential re-assignment of crane can be avoided; thereby increasing the efficiency of gate-in process which in turn, improves asset turnaround at the terminals for all users.

Jurong Port is looking for a solution that will alleviate the inaccuracies declared by ship chandlers by automating the process of capturing the quantity and volumetric weight of pallets.

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