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How Can We Make Marine Insurance More Efficient for the Customer and Insurer – Through Risk Prevention or Mitigation? How Should Insurance Respond to Emerging Marine Trends?

Key Focus Area:

Smart Maritime Services and Supply Chain

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital twins, renewables, autonomous vehicles, drones, robotics leverage modern technologies to improve efficiencies, safety, sustainability and performance in smart ports, ships, logistics and maritime services. The risk landscape in port ecosystems is changing and this creates opportunities and challenges for insurers.
– How can these technologies improve the efficiency of insurance for customers and insurers?
– What are the new insurance products that we need to develop for these modern technology solutions in ports?
– Can these new technology solutions also be used to improve or create new insurance products for the port ecosystem?

This Challenge is put up together with Lloyd’s Lab, the innovation hub for the Lloyd’s market. Shortlisted start-ups addressing this Challenge may be invited to participate in selected Lloyd’s Lab’s events, including but not limited to a Demo Day on 7th December 2023.


Call for Proposals for this Innovation Opportunity is now closed.