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How might we effectively monitor and assess equipment conditions onboard vessels to optimise usage and reduce unplanned failures and operational disruptions?

Key Focus Area:

Smart Ship

Equipment and machinery, especially sea-based ones, are most often subject to failures, defects and unnecessary repairs. Depending on the extent of breakdown during voyage, the resulting delay on delivery schedule of cargo, can lead to financial losses in terms of penalties, as well as disruption to the rest of the supply chain.

To avoid having malfunctioning or broken equipment onboard, the common practice in the maritime industry is to perform:

(1) periodic or scheduled maintenance based on guidelines set by the manufacturers: this time-based monitoring system includes inspections, overhauls and component replacement without taking into consideration any defects, faulty parts or variations in working environments

(2) preventive maintenance which includes regular inspection, cleaning, lubrication and conditional analysis

(3) emergency maintenance which happens when there is an equipment breakdown needing immediate repair

To manage risks, spare parts are stored onboard.

Equatorial Marine Fuel Management Services is looking to use modern and advanced technologies to more effectively monitor and assess equipment conditions and predict maintenance requirements in order to optimise usage and reduce unplanned failures, overstocking of parts and other operational disruptions.

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