Smart Port Challenge 2021
Innovation Opportunities

This year’s Smart Port Challenge offers 17 innovation opportunities that address 5 key focus areas:

  1. Smart Port
  2. Smart Ship
  3. Crew Safety, Training and Wellbeing
  4. Smart Maritime Services and Logistics
  5. Green Technology

Explore them below. Short videos are also available to explain the innovation opportunities. If you’ve missed any of the roadshows with our corporate co-creators, recordings are available here.

In addition to these innovation opportunities, start-ups could also submit proposals in an open category addressing any of the 5 focus areas. Applications closed on 10 August 2021.

Here are our 21 co-creators of these innovation opportunities:

SPC2021 co-creators

Detection & Prevention of Near-Miss Workplace Fall Injuries Without Vision Analytics

[View Video] Workplace fall is one of the top injuries in the Marine and Offshore sector. The fall can occur on the ground level due to Slips, Trips and Falls (ST...

Association of Singapore Marine Industries
Ministry of Manpower
Workplace Safety and Health Institute

Monitor, Detect and Improve Workforce Physical and Mental Health in Maritime and Marine & Offshore Industry

[View Video] Workers and seafarers in the maritime industry are exposed to environments that could affect their physical and mental health and wellbeing, both ons...

Association of Singapore Marine Industries
Workplace Safety and Health Institute

Greener Alternatives and Reduction in Plastic Pollution

[View Video] Environmental sustainability is an industry-wide concern. Plastic is one of the biggest contributors to pollution, yet large quantities in the form o...

Bernhard Schulte
Everise Shipping Service
Wilhelmsen Ships Service

Automated Underwater Cleaning and Polishing of Curved Surfaces

[View Video] One way to reduce fuel consumption and impact on the environment is by keeping vessels in prime condition. Marine growth on the hull can increase und...

Dive Marine Services

Remote Connectivity for Underwater Robotics

[View Video] The use of underwater robotics for inspection, maintenance or research is becoming more prevalent. However, most of such applications are done out at...

Eastern Pacific Shipping
Nido Robotics

Common Incident Data Collection Across Protection & Indemnity (P&I) Clubs

[View Video] Like car owners, shipowners are subject to claims from third parties. This could include damage to port facilities, other vessels, cargo, the environ...


Automated and Assisted Steel Cargo Identification, Verification and Tally

[View Video] As a multi-purpose port that handles general cargo, Jurong Port relies on ground staff to manually identify and count the cargoes as they are being u...

Jurong Port

Streamlining Procurement Process for Better Visibility and Efficiency

[View Video] For a large shipping company like “K” Line Pte Ltd (KLPL), the procurement process is lengthy and involves multiple stakeholders such as business...

Condition Monitoring for Harbour Tugs Equipment

[View Video] Keppel Smit Towage owns, manages and operates a fleet of 24 tugs exclusively for harbour operations in Singapore. They are in the process of upgradin...

Keppel Smit Towage

Rapid Fastening of Out-of-Gauge Cargo

[View Video] When it comes to transportation of cargo by sea, most people think of containers. However, what about large machinery or equipment that do not fit in...

MMA Offshore

Real-Time Monitoring and Early Detection of Health Risks Through Wearable Technology

[View Video] The health and well-being of our marine crew are key to safe and effective operations of our marine crafts operating within port limits. As these sma...

PSA Marine
PSA unboXed

Transforming the Role of Boarding Officers

[View Video] When ships call at a port, they obtain all necessary commodities from ship suppliers when berthing or at anchorage. A Boarding Officer assumes an ove...

Singapore Association of Shipsuppliers and Services (SASS)

Automated Periodic Gas Monitoring in Cargo & Ballast Tanks Onboard Vessels

[View Video] When a ship docks for repairs at a yard, the atmospheric conditions in confined spaces such as cargo and ballast tanks must be continually monitored ...

Sembcorp Marine Admiralty Yard

More cost-effective and efficient ways to clean cargo holds

[View Video] There are currently more than 12,000 bulk carriers plying our seas, transporting large quantities of unpackaged cargo such as coal, cement, steel coi...

Tata NYK

Consolidating and Automating Multiple Ship Data for Port Clearance and Other Purposes

[View Video] With the maritime industry’s shift from a more traditional industry to one which is data-smart, operators and ship management companies are putting...

Klaveness Asia

Interactive & Engaging Training through Technology

[View Video] Officers onboard ships need to be competent in understanding and performing numerous tasks such as navigational watch, cargo operations, emergency si...


Centralisation, Organisation and Interpretation of Port and Customs Regulations for Speedy Consumption

[View Video] Cargo operations for the maritime industry are governed by regulations from local port authorities which cover tax regimes, requirements for equipmen...

Wilhelmsen Ships Service

Open Category

In addition to these 17 innovation opportunities, start-ups with technologies or solutions that can address Smart Port, Smart Ship, Crew Safety, Training & Wellbeing or Green Technology