Strategic IP Management for Start-ups & Entrepreneurs

  • calendar13 October, 2021
  • time4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • venueOnline,

Although intellectual property (IP) rights are protected by law, its value depends on pragmatic and innovative ideas, effective legal protection, and understanding of the technology market; Therefore, the nature of IP is closely related to business, technology, and law. IP management plays an indispensable role in the course of enterprises’ growth and exploring the needs of the market.

From the perspective of enterprises or individuals, how to actively establish a comprehensive IP portfolio to create competitive advantage for enterprises is the core of IP deployment especially for nascent companies.

This webinar analyses the value of intellectual property (IP) and its impact on business/technology strategies from the following aspects.

· The nature and importance of intellectual property

· The problems IP solve (create) for the enterprise

· The Significance of Intangible Assets and IP in the Global Economy

· Extracting the value from IP and innovation

· Case studies