SPC2021 Roadshow: Remote Connectivity and Automated Periodic Gas Monitoring

  • calendar01 July, 2021
  • time4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • venueOnline,

Smart Port Challenge 2021 offers 17 innovation opportunities co-created with 21 maritime corporates. This is part of a series of roadshows to allow start-ups to get a better grasp on these opportunities.


Remote Connectivity for Underwater Robotics

The use of underwater robotics for inspection, maintenance or research is becoming more prevalent. However, most of such applications are done out at sea and require a stable internet connectivity for high resolution images or videos from the underwater assets to be transferred onshore for analysis.

Eastern Pacific Shipping and Nido Robotics are looking for a solution that allows a stable, synchronous connection of at least 40Mbps, with a reach of about 10km away from shore, maintaining a speed of 40-50Mbps per connected device.

Automated Periodic Gas Monitoring n Cargo and Ballast Tanks Onboard Vessels

When a ship docks for repairs at a yard, the atmospheric conditions in confined spaces such as cargo and ballast tanks must be continually monitored to ensure safety of workers accessing them.

Sembcorp Marine Admiralty Yard is seeking an automated solution that can be easily deployed and un-installed on vessels, to record, report and send alerts on these conditions while the ship is docked for repairs.