SPC2021 Roadshow: Greener Alternatives & Automated Steel Cargo Identification

  • calendar06 July, 2021
  • time4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • venueOnline,

Smart Port Challenge 2021 offers 17 innovation opportunities co-created with 21 maritime corporates. This is part of a series of roadshows to allow start-ups to get a better grasp on these opportunities.


Greener Alternatives and Reduction in Plastic Pollution

Environmental sustainability is an industry-wide concern. Plastic is one of the biggest contributors to pollution, yet large quantities in the form of drinking water bottles, chemical pails and packaging of consumables are currently being used on-board vessels.

Bernhard Schulte, Everise Shipping Service and Wilhelmsen Ships Service are looking for solutions to reduce the usage of plastic and its impact on our oceans.

Automated And Assisted Steel Cargo Identification, Verification And Tally

As a multi-purpose port that handles general cargo, Jurong Port relies on ground staff to manually identify and count the cargoes as they are being unloaded from the vessels. Jurong Port is looking for a solution to automate the process of identifying, tallying and feeding the data directly into their digital tally system with at least 85% accuracy.