Maritime Innovation Pitch Arena

Pitch Arena
  • calendar10 December, 2020
  • time5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • venueOnline,

An arena for innovations in the maritime industry. Watch the waves of transformation at SWITCH 2020.

Join the session to find out the latest innovations for the maritime industry.

Start-up line up:

Aviation Virtual

Aviation Virtual is a Singapore tech SME. With a unique technology roadmap focusing on using VR as a platform to assimilate leading-edge technologies, Aviation Virtual has become an innovative Mixed Reality Solution Provider. It is one of the few tech start-ups to provide VR solutions for iconic projects in Singapore like the Changi Airport Terminal 5 planning, the Funan, and Guangzhou Knowledge City. Aviation Virtual uses 3D immersive VR of technical and engineering details for checking and inspections in a visual form that is intuitive and easy to understand. It also uses the details to create VR training for operations, safety and familiarisation.


The maritime ship supply chain faces various challenges from ship supplies order processing to port delivery logistics due to narrow loading window at port and unpredictable ship arrival schedule change.
Ent-Vision Maritime Sales Automation Platform offers an end-to-end automated solution for Ship Suppliers from Customer Request for Quotation (RFQ) to Optimised Delivery. RFQs received are automatically cleansed and standardised. Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Data Modelling technologies are used to auto-map products available for quick quotations. While generating sales orders, logistic resources are coordinated for cost-effective and timely delivery.

ENT Vision Integrated Maritime Supplies Distribution Platform (iMSD) is a collaborative Distribution platform for Ship Suppliers Community to optimise ship supplies logistics resources. The platform enables logistic resource sharing within the chandler’s community with holistic view of port related activities, helping ship suppliers to improve delivery planning, reduce truck idling and waiting time. Offsite consolidation service provides further cost savings and reduce traffic congestion within and near port area.


F-drones is a Singapore-based start-up building drones that can deliver 100kg loads over 100km to ships and offshore platforms autonomously. They provide drone deliveries as a service to maritime companies and help them save 80% in costs, time and CO2 emissions. It is the first company in Singapore to receive a BVLOS drone delivery permit and the world’s first to commence 24×7 deliveries. With some of the largest shipping companies as customers, they are already providing commercial drone deliveries to vessels in Singapore with a drone that can carry 5kg over 5km.


Moaah develops enterprise DLT solutions for regulatory compliance and data/asset exchange among multiple protocols and stakeholders. Their products include Document Management System (depository & ML automation, discrepancy resolution) and asset exchange with smart contracts.

Moaah creates consensus based permissioned nodes for a company to grant limited & customisable access to the software, allowing autonomous & authenticated exchange of data and assets. Use cases for this may vary, ranging from regulatory compliance (REACH, RoHS, GDPR) to data exchange (including tokenised physical assets using smart contracts).


A state-of-the-art AI platform developed exclusively for logistics, Transmetrics optimises transport planning by leveraging the power of machine learning and predictive analytics. Transmetrics combines the strengths of humans and artificial intelligence, ensuring the highest operational benefits and reducing the environmental impact of logistics. They’ve developed a unique approach for analysing, modelling, and predicting various transport flows with very high accuracy. Their solutions have brought significant benefits to the top-tier logistics companies worldwide that have experienced an up to 25% reduction in transport costs while increasing their fleet utilisation up to 14% and maintaining high service levels.