Get Noticed: Marketing Best Practices

  • calendar05 November, 2020
  • time4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • venueOnline,

[Please note change in event time to 4pm]

Crash course to boost digital presence for your business. Join the session to learn how to use tools and what not to miss to increase mindshare for your start-up.

Guest Speaker:
Alvina Fu
Creative Strategist

Alvina is a creative strategist with 7 concrete years of experience in digital marketing and 3 years in freelance consulting and training at Textile and Fabric training centre (Taftc). With a passion for growth stage brands, she is currently the start-up marketing manager at a cloud computing platform. Previously, she has helped other companies such as Honestbee, Spaceship and Real Estate Doc and founded 2 of her own. With a depth of knowledge in bootstrap marketing, her workshop will provide you a hands-on experience to lay the foundation for your start-up.