Ecosystem Overview: BLOCK71 Gateway

  • calendar06 October, 2021
  • time5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • venueOnline,

BLOCK71 is an initiative by NUS Enterprise in collaborative and strategic partnerships with established corporates and government agencies. It is a global network of innovation and entrepreneurial gateways across APAC and the USA, providing programmes as a technology ecosystem builder and global business connector.

BLOCK71 locations provide a physical locus for expanding start-ups to access new markets while leveraging NUS Enterprise’s global network of resources and contacts. In every location, BLOCK71 provides access to technology, talent, new markets, funding opportunities, collaborative workspaces and a warm community with an objective to catalyse, aggregate and develop competencies of the tech start-up community. This is accomplished through long term strategic partnerships with corporates and governments across the region.

Global Startup Runway is a year-round structured incubation programme track by BLOCK71 for Southeast Asia’s most promising high-impact tech startups to scale across Asia. BLOCK71 empowers this next generation of founders by giving them the best chance at success. This means privileged access and dedicated support to:

  • Secure grants and funding
  • Acquire business deals
  • Develop defensible technology

Founders also get plugged into a diverse international community of industry experts.

In this panel discussion, find out more about BLOCK71 and hear the perspectives of two Smart Port Challenge alumni as they share their entrepreneurship journeys on venturing beyond the shores of Singapore with the support of PIER71™ and BLOCK71.